Thursday, 3 June 2010

Day Three

What's with all the favourites in this blogging list? I'm so indecisive it's hard for me to keep choosing favourite things!

Today's topic is favourite tv programmes. I watch a lot of TV, probably more than I should, so choosing a show that's my favourite is hard. I may have to resort to making a list again.

I have actually been thinking about this one for a few days now though, and I think I have finally decided - it has to be Futurama. I love everything about it, most especially the geekiness, and I am really looking forward to it's return later this year. As I type, I am in fact watching an episode!

I was always a Simpsons fan, but Futurama seems to take everything that's good about the Simpsons and takes it one step further. I tried to find some amusing clips from the show on YouTube, but I couldn't find any that just summed up the show perfectly, from my point of view. But I urge everyone to watch it, because it is great!

Also, I love it so much, I've listed to the Audio Commentary track on every episode. And I remember far too much information from them. I is officially a nerd!

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