Saturday, 30 January 2010


As I mentioned over on my other blog, I've been making a new style of hat, that seems to be going down well. So well in fact, that I've been commisioned to make two more!

One I've already done, and it's gone off to it's new owner (who loved it, and wore it round the office all day!) and the other is half done, but is awaiting the arrival of some new wool!

Here is the hat that started it all:

I really must apologise for the picture. It is a)dark, and b) of me, in my pyjamas, wearing the hat! I hope it still shows how cool it is. Basically, it's a beanie type thing, with a pom-pom either side. I think it kinda looks like ears!

Here is the first one I made on commission, for a work colleague:

The other one I've been asked to make is for another colleague's little boy. It's in the same grey wool as mine, only with blue pom-poms instead of pink! I'm hoping this will lead to more commission type stuff, although it's definately got me thinking that people do want my stuff, it's just a case of getting myself known out there!

Not keeping up...

I'm not really doing very well with this posting once a week thing, am I? Oh well, I'll just have to try harder!

I've been meaning to blog about this since I recieved it, at the start of the month (which shows how rubbish I am), but here goes anyways!

My totally awesome best friend, Claire Coffeecups, who is talented beyond belief, made me this truly cool New Years card:

I apologise for the bad picture, because it really doesn't show up how awesome this card is, but I love it, and I really had to show it off.

Nothing else very interesting has happened here. I'm being made permanent at work, which in theory is a good thing, although I'm still not entirely keen on the job. My mum is coming to visit in about 3 weeks, which should be fun, and I've been making a new style of hat, which seems to be going down rather well. Details, as always are in the craft blog.

I've actually spent the majority of this afternoon engaged in lengthy discussions with some old roleplaying friends. We've got our old text based site, The Hunted up and running again, and all three of us have big plans for what should happen plot wise. The two guys I was plotting with have been with me pretty much from the beginning, so it was really great to relive some old times by plotting all over again. And as a shameless plug, new members are always welcome! If you have any experience of Text Based Roleplaying, come join in!

I think that's it for now...more posts soon, promise this time!

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

A Bad Week

This week has so far been a very bad week.

On sunday night, our kitty died. :(
On monday our car died.
Our Landlord's brother has moved in with us, because his marriage is failing.

And did I mention our shower doesn't work, so washing my hair is now a major mission involving sitting in the bath and having P pour pints of water over my head.

And now, it's snowing really heavily again. I want this week to be over.

Here is a picture of our cat:

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Snow Crafting...

Yes, that's a bad pun. Due to the snow (and we have a lot of it here!), I've mostly been too tired to do any crafting when I've got home from work. Trekking to and from work in snow up to my ankles is not something I particularly do again, but as we're apparently getting a blizzard tomorrow, I think I'll have to!

So, no pictures at the moment - I can only say that I have been knitting socks, and pictures will follow at some point!

Also, I'm taking part in the Etsy Baby Shower. Not because I'm having a baby, but because I want to get some socks out there in the world, and what better way than by giving them to gorgeous little newborns and their mums?!


Okay, so I think by now every UK blogger has made a post concerning the snow, but here's mine!

We are pretty snowed in here. We have at least 6 inches of it outside, and although we can get out, it's not easy to. None of the roads around our house have been gritted, so driving to the main roads is a bit of a mission in itself, and considering I walk to work uphill, it's a miracle I've got there unscathed the last few days!

Still, its very pretty! Here are some pictures of it taken from the bedroom window (I'm not going out in it to take pictures!!):

Monday, 4 January 2010

Back To Reality

So, here we are, the first working day of a new year. A new decade even! I've just accepted a permanent contract at my current job, so I'm hoping that it's a sign that this year will one spent gainfully employed. After being unemployed for the majority of last year it's not something I'd like to repeat, so even having a job I don't love is much better than having no job at all!

So, I suppose I'd better go and finish getting ready for it then!!

Saturday, 2 January 2010


Today I have mostly been knitting and photographing socks, to attempt to sell online (see my Craft Blog for more info!), and it got me thinking about socks.

I love socks, weirdly. I much prefer socks to shoes. I frequently buy socks, just because they're pretty. Sometimes I even turn them into things.

Like this:

And this:

But mostly I like to wear them.

And here's a picture of a really cute sock I knitted last night. Just because:

New Year, New Shop Looks!

Hello, hello! Happy New Year to everyone!

As I posted previously, one of my New Years Resolutions was to blog more, which for this blog actually means having to craft more! Well, so far, 2010 has been a very productive year craft wise! I have finished one pair of grown-up socks, and knitted three more baby pairs of socks!

Grown Up Socks:

Baby Socks:

Also, as it's the new year, I thought I'd have a bit of a re-vamp with my shops. In both my Etsy and Folksy shops, I now have a new banner, and have listed all of these items in both shops. Links are in the sidebar if you want to check them out!

I'm also having a bit of a think about what to sell in them. Obviously, socks are now my main focus, but I'm wondering if I should just sell knitted socks, or sock creatures (mainly monkeys and bunnies) as well? At the moment I'm thinking of still selling creatures, and maybe offering make your own type kits, where I'd cut out all the pieces for a monkey, package it up with the stuffing, and let people sew them together. Although this is still just an idea and one that needs to be tested at the moment (anyone want to volunteer for the job!?)

So, opinions are always valued, comment and let me know what you think! And in the meantime, enjoy 2010!

Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year!

So, here we are in 2010! So far, it's not been a good year! We have no milk for tea, very little food to eat, and I've discovered that what we thought was our landlord watching the telly at a stupidly loud volume last night was actually just the telly playing to an empty room. He was at work, and though we were going to be out last night, so left it on make it look like someone was in the house. We rarely go into the front room so we genuinely didn't notice!

I ended up asleep by about 11:30 last night, woke up briefly when P came to bed about 1 and then woke up this morning in a new decade. I'm hoping though, that after today this year will be better. I'm set to have a permanent job, we're going to look for a house of our own, and I've got big plans for selling some of my craft bits this year!

Think I'm out of things to say already...I'm in the middle of knitting a pair of socks and I want to get them done today! Pictures will most likely be on the craft blog when they're done!