Thursday, 24 June 2010

Day Eighteen

Day Eighteen — Whatever tickles your fancy.

Ah, blogging about whatever tickles my fancy again...difficult. I never know what to blog about, hence my not blogging normally!

Ah, I have an idea!

Craft swaps are often fun, but I always really stress over what to make for people. Apryl has come up with a really awesome idea - a crafty book swap - alongside sending some handmade craft items, the participants are also going to swap a book!

I think this is a really great idea, and I am going to sign up just as soon as I'm done blogging! All the information is here:

Click me for swapping fun!

1 comment:

Rhian Drinkwater said...

Ooh will check that swap out.

Have you seen the Odd Ducks swap group on Ravelry?

They do really fun ones - I've done a Buffy one and a Crime/Mystery one before now, and am currently doing a Firefly swap!