Monday, 8 February 2010

Kind Of Slow

As the title says, I'm kind of slow on the crafting front at the moment. I've made a pair of socks, and I'm about halfway through another hat, but other than that, I've not really got a lot done.

I'm really quite keen to get my sewing machine out now, but I still have nowhere to put it, which is really quite irritating.

And unless putting Lego together counts as crafting, I've actually really not got anything left to say. :(

More interesting posts to follow. Promise.

Oh, one more thing, my business cards arrived. If anyone wants one, or wants to do anything with one, let me know! Comments are the preffered method, if you leave an email address!

Nothing to Report...

I mean it...I honestly have nothing to report. Nothing at all interesting has happened in my life in the past week or so.

Actually, I lie. I bought a Lego Buzz Lightyear. Yes, I am in fact that sad. Hey, I love Toy Story. It's totally awesome.

I also bought Dante's Inferno for the Xbox. It's not a bad game, although it's very hack and slash, and it's bought out the old geeky gamer girl in me, which has been hiding for a while. My only irratation with it is that it bears very little resemblance to the source material after which it's named, and when you die (which I do frequently!), you get snippets of the poem flashing up, only they're really badly translated, and totally have no context.

I guess if it inspires more people to read the incredible Divine Comedy then it's only a good thing.

The game is very cool though, and very pretty in HD, and I really am enjoying it!