Tuesday, 30 November 2010


One of things I'm really trying to focus on at the moment is promoting FoldedFrippery, and I'm rapidly running out of ways to do so.

I've recently come across Craftgawker and so I'm trying to submit photos to there, and I've set up a facebook page, which can be found here (I'd love more likers!).

I've also been advised to start using my flickr page to better effect, which I'm going to try and and start doing.

Does anyone else have any ideas for promotion of FF? Comments please!

Monday, 29 November 2010

A Positive Week

It has been pointed out to me recently that I can be rather negative on twitter and suchlike. And so for the next week I'm going to endeavour to be positive in everything I put out there on the internet. So if you see me moaning over on twitter, or here, then send me a message and tell me to stop it!

I'm hoping this will not only make me feel better as a person, but hopefully show people that I am a nice person, honest, and I don't only moan!

Oh, and look at the really cute pin-badge I just bought from Meridian Ariel at Etsy. I *heart* it.

Check out her shop (linked above), she makes some really cool stuff!

PS. You can still get 25% off at my etsy shop with the code FABRIGAMI. I've recently added some new items!

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Discount Codes!

Etsy finally has coupon codes available at their site - when I have a sale now I won't have to mess around with paypal invoices! And in honour of this, and the fact that this is apparently the biggest internet shopping day of the year, I'm having another sale!

If you enter the code FABRIGAMI at the Etsy checkout when you buy anything from Folded Frippery you'll get a massive 25% off!

So if you're looking for cute gifts this Christmas, check out the shop!

If you're shopping from overseas you'll need to order your items by December 4th at the latest for them to reach you by the crucial day!

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Good News!

This week so far has mostly been spent by me and the boyfriend discussing important money issues (eeek, scary!), and generally behaving like grown-ups. All of this discussion has had a purpose though, and it looks as though in the spring, we'll finally be able to move out of the hellish living situation we're in now.

I've been here just over 2 years, and the boyfriend has been here getting on for ten, and neither of us are happy, but we finally have a light at the end of the tunnel! And so, I've been looking at lots of gorgeous houseware items on Etsy that I'm mentally decorating our (at the moment hypothetical) new house with.

Here are some of my favourites:

I really love this this Origami clock from giftedpapers - with my love of all things Origami how could I not?!

I actually have a dress made from this fabric, and it's one of my favourite fabrics ever, so how could I resist this funky little pillow? It's by OlivetheBeach

And finally, for now,

I love the look of this rug. It looks like it would fun to walk on and lie on and generally just look at! It's from Crafttasticparties.

There'll probably be more of these posts the nearer we get to moving! I hope none of you will mock my bizarre and eclectic tastes!

Friday, 12 November 2010

I've gone Etsy Mad!

As I posted about yesterday, I've reopened Folded Frippery over at Etsy. And today I'm trying to learn to be a more active member of the Etsy community.

I've started posting in the forums over there, although I'm still quite timid (they're really fast paced!), and I managed to make my first ever treasury today, which can be seen here, although here's a screen-shot of it:

It looks much better at the site though!

Other than that there's nothing else for me to really say - I've had an entirely unproductive day, making wise, and I'm back to work on monday, which means I probably won't be making at the rate I have been, but I'm going to try!

Oh, and any tips for dealing with the Etsy forums without being eaten alive?

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Grand Re-opening!

So a month or so back I opened Folded Frippery, a shop selling my fabric origami products. And I haven't sold a single thing!

Since then I've worked hard on new and different products, and on improving my photograpgy skills (which I think I've done!). And so, I've taken new photographs, made a new banner, and have decided to have a grand re-opening!

Here are some pictures of the new items I've been working on and that you can buy here:

As part of said Grand Re-Opening I am offering 2 things! Firstly, from today up until Midnight on Sunday 14/11/2010, I am offering a 20% discount on all items in my shop (postage not included), which will be refunded once payment is recieved. Secondly, for my very first sale, I will be sending the buyer a special (and secret) free gift!

So, any questions? Comments? Feel free to leave them in the comment below!