Sunday, 27 March 2011

Etsy Update

I joined a new team on Etsy this week. It's called April's Army and is made up of people who read the site Regretsy and despite what some people seem to be saying it's actually really quite awesome. I've been featured in so many treasuries and all of my items have had so many new views and quite a hearts, and I even sold something last night! So Etsy is really quite fun for me at the moment. And I plan to do a few posts linking to some awesome team members in the coming weeks.

I listed seven new items there today as well. My favourite is these hairslides:

Click here to buy them

I finally got around to listing some hair bands as well. My favourite is this one:

Click to buy!

Other things you may notice about the shop: I have a new banner! It was made by another member of April's Army and it is awesome. Click here if you're interested in your own! I'm also adding sections to the shop, so you can browse by brooches, hair bands, rings, etc!

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Unknown said...

I'm loving the Army too.