Saturday, 30 January 2010


As I mentioned over on my other blog, I've been making a new style of hat, that seems to be going down well. So well in fact, that I've been commisioned to make two more!

One I've already done, and it's gone off to it's new owner (who loved it, and wore it round the office all day!) and the other is half done, but is awaiting the arrival of some new wool!

Here is the hat that started it all:

I really must apologise for the picture. It is a)dark, and b) of me, in my pyjamas, wearing the hat! I hope it still shows how cool it is. Basically, it's a beanie type thing, with a pom-pom either side. I think it kinda looks like ears!

Here is the first one I made on commission, for a work colleague:

The other one I've been asked to make is for another colleague's little boy. It's in the same grey wool as mine, only with blue pom-poms instead of pink! I'm hoping this will lead to more commission type stuff, although it's definately got me thinking that people do want my stuff, it's just a case of getting myself known out there!

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