Sunday, 18 July 2010

What I've Done This Weekend

I haven't done an awful lot to be fair, it's mostly been a terribly lazy weekend. I've watched Season 3 of Arrested Development, and Season 3 of The Guild and done very little else.

What I have done though, is make a sock bunny. Matt, of "Rayguns, Chainsaws, Swords and Dice" who I know from the SFX Forum and Twitter sent me an @reply saying that he'd wanted me to make him a Sock Bunny for ages. And so I did!

This is a WIP shot I took about halfway through making it:

And here are two shots of the finished Bunny:

I'm going to send it off to it's new home tomorrow, where I hope it will be well loved! And I've had interest in a Monkey I made, Bernard, which has made me happy. For good measure's sake, here's a picure of him:

1 comment:

Matt said...

Yay, bunny! :D

Also, Bernard looks like he has a wooly hat on, so I've decided he's a gentleman burgler.