Thursday, 15 July 2010

Facebook Shop!

Oh yes, I have opened a Facebook Shop. I'm not sure if it'll mean I'll get any more sales, or if it'll be another platform where I get grumpy no one wants my things, but it's a chance I'm willing to take for now! So go take a look, and then tell me what you think!

I'm still on a bit of a crafting low, but I did sew a pincushion for my new sewing box, and then another pincushion thing, which was meant to be a strawberry but ended up looking like a chilli. It's so mishapen I'm not even going to bother taking pictures and showing the world.

I'm sort of in the mood to start sewing something bigger though, so I might start another creature. I'm still not sure. I'm still in a slump where I know we have too many sock animals already cluttering up the bedroom / house, and I really am loathe to add to them when I know they're just going to sit here with the others. I might have to start looking for little sewing projects I can do just to entertain me. My mum wants a sock Elephant, so I suppose I should start on making that.

I'm not sure if I posted this picture before (and I'm too lazy to go back and check!), but this was the first Elephant I made from socks - yes, it has two heads - it was meant as a gift for Amanda Palmer in reference to the song Elephant Elephant by Evelyn Evelyn (a concept too complicated to explain...please, look it up and enjoy!).

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I'm not sure if my mum wants a two headed or a single headed elephant, but I might make a two headed one just for the fun of it!

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Matt said...

Elephant Elephant is so cute! It's a shame he got lost :(

Good luck with the shop :)