Saturday, 27 March 2010

I really am...

...appallingly bad at this. And it bothers me. It really does, because so often I think, I could blog that, and then I never do. Mostly it's things about work I think about blogging, but then there's things that happen at Scouts that amuse / irritate me that I want to get out of my system, and I never do it.

The other day at work I wrote down a load of stuff that I thought about blogging. I might still do it, I don't know. It was mostly about how I don't know what to do with my life, and musing how other people work out what they want to do with their lives. There was the start of a list of things I wouldn't be good at - I suppose knowing what I don't want to do is the start of working out what I do want to do with my life! It's still floating around in my handbag, so I might get it out and type it up at some point. Not sure I want to really - it's still really rough and pretty personal.

I've also got a list of things that really irritate me about callers, which might make for entertaining reading at some point, if I can ever be bothered to type that up too!

And now for some good news - after a little while without a pet, last weekend I went out and bought some new pet mice! I wanted a bunny rabbit, but we don't have anywhere to keep one, and bunny proofing the house seemed like too daunting a task! So we looked at hamsters, which Pete doesn't like, and gerbils, which I don't like, and eventally decided on mice! We have two girls - Lucy and Mina, and they are gorgeous. Mina is grey, and Lucy is ginger. And we're already thinking about getting some more! Pete is really quite smitten with them. I already have names picked out for any more we get - if we get more girls I want to call them Channon and Yelena - 5 internets if you know the reference.

I'm off home to Bristol next weekend too, which I am really looking forward to - we have't been since Xmas, and I already have a busy weekend planned - shopping with my dad on friday, shopping with my mum and sisters on saturday, and possibly meeting the very lovely Bex on sunday morning - if anywhere will be open. It is after all Easter Sunday.

I've been doing a fair bit of crafty stuff recently too - it'll all be posted at the Craft Blog in due course!

I was going to post pics of the mousies, but I can't find where the boyfriend's uploaded them to, and they're asleep so I can't take any more! I'll put some up eventually!

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