Monday, 10 August 2009

50's B Movie Swap!

Today I got my parcel from Kim who was my parter for the 50's B Movie swap! She sent me some utterly amazing things and I cannot thank her enough.

Here are pictures of what I got (they're taken on my phone, because I've misplaced my camera, so please excuse the rubbish quality of them!)

The handmade item was this gorgeous little plushie creature (who I am still trying to think of a name for!):

Next were these sweets (which I may have om nom nommed already!):

Then I had 3 crafty items - some yarn, some stickers and some pom-poms!:

There was also a very cool Horror magazine:

And finally, and most awesomely in my mind, a double feature DVD featuring one of my favourite actors - Vincent Price, and set in my favourite scary movie setting, old mental hospitals!:

I very stupidly forgot to take proper pictures of what I sent Kim, but I have some pictures I took just to show for friends!

I sent this cute Vampire Monkey:

Some stickers, much like the ones Kim sent me, some flying saucer sweets, and some "fizzy fang" sweets, and finally, some fabric which I thought was so amazing I wanted to keep it!

It was a great swap, and Meri was awesome for organising it! She's currently hosting a 1980's Fantasy Movie Swap, which I'm thinking of taking part in, if I can work out what to make before the sign-up deadline!

Wow, long post!


Apryl said...

OMG everything is fantastic but I sooo want that fabric you sent!

Juanita Tortilla said...

Those pompoms made me laugh! How appropriate for the swap theme, don't you think?