Wednesday, 12 August 2009

New Job!

Once again, I am an employed person! As of tomorrow, I will have a job once more!

Okay, so it's call centre work, I vowed I would never do it again, but at the moment, I don't think I can afford to be fussy, and work is work!

So, all in all I'm pretty excited, and looking forward to having money again.

One of the first things I want to buy when I have money, is I think, this cute little purse, because mine is falling apart:

It's made by alliebeans and is available here


Fraggierocks said...

Congrats, I hated working in call centre lasted aboout a week lol Still money is money and that purse is defo worth putting in the hours for. :)

Mosher said...

Ah, cool. Congratulations.

Lend us a fiver.