Tuesday, 6 January 2009


Origami is my new passion I think. I've liked it for a while but wasn't particularly good at it and, cutting paper into squares is not something that's great fun to do. But folding paper is, and as I have mentioned, it is my new favourite thing to do.

P's sister bought me a fold-a-day Origami Calendar for xmas, and I'm having great fun folding the little things every day. Some of them are a little wacky - yesterday I folded a raincoat(!), but on the whole, I'm having a lot of fun.

I don't really know what I plan to do with them all - at the moment they're being deposited in a vase on the side, so if anyone has any ideas, they will be most welcome!

And here's a picture of an Origami Star, just because I think it's pretty. I haven't made anything this interesting yet I'm afraid!

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