Saturday, 16 April 2011

A Day Out at Kew

Today we took the Boyfriend's mum to Kew Gardens as a mother's day present. She's a really keen gardener, and plants are really her thing, so I hope she enjoyed herself.

I tried to be a bit handy with my camera, so I thought I'd post some of my favourite pictures here. Feel free to mock my awful photography skills!

First, some wildlife:

This is (apparently) a Golded Pheasant. It looked cool at any rate!

And here is a Peacock (and possibly a Peahen). It was being REALLY noisy!

And now onto (lots of) plants.

I think these are a type of Rhododendron - they were everywhere at Kew and I really like them. They look like big floaty skirts to me.

I have no idea what most of these are, I just really liked them:

And finally, here are some Bonsai trees. I really love Bonsai. I nearly bought a tiny one in the gift shop!

Oh, and one more - this is a statue of a heraldic falcon. They had loads of weird statues based on heralidic symbols, but this was the only one I managed to get a picture of.


Toughie said...

That garden looks amazing! I'm jealous, we have the odd sprig of green grass, but the trees are still completely naked. I always wanted a bonsai as well, but mostly so I could pretend to be a giant...

Temporary:Secretary said...

Very pretty pictures, looks like such a lovely garden x

SpaceSquid said...

That's definitely a peahen, if it helps...