Friday, 12 November 2010

I've gone Etsy Mad!

As I posted about yesterday, I've reopened Folded Frippery over at Etsy. And today I'm trying to learn to be a more active member of the Etsy community.

I've started posting in the forums over there, although I'm still quite timid (they're really fast paced!), and I managed to make my first ever treasury today, which can be seen here, although here's a screen-shot of it:

It looks much better at the site though!

Other than that there's nothing else for me to really say - I've had an entirely unproductive day, making wise, and I'm back to work on monday, which means I probably won't be making at the rate I have been, but I'm going to try!

Oh, and any tips for dealing with the Etsy forums without being eaten alive?

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