Monday, 31 May 2010

Bank Holiday Awesomness

So, it's bank holiday monday here. And I'm enjoying it by doing precisely nothing. Aside from blogging, obviously, and watching the boyfriend play Lego Star Wars on the Xbox. On the whole, this has been a fairly awesome weekend.

On saturday, I went to Brighton for the first SFX forum Brighton Meet. Which wasn't the greatest success in the world (only five of us turned up!), but which was still great fun. I spent too much money, as I always do in Brighton, but I am now the owner of some awesomely cool stuff, which makes up for it immeasurably. I have Zombiw Fluxx and Munchkin Booty, which are two of the coolest card games ever, three new Edward Gorey books, and lots and lots of sweeties from Cybercandy, including Jolly Ranchers which I cannot get enough of. Pete was ill, and so didn't come with me, which was sad, and everyone missed him, but he also got cool presents bought home for him, in the form of more Cybercandy sweeties, a print of a Ford Capri ad from the 70's / 80's and a Doctor Who mug which has Tom Baker, a Dalek, a Cyberman, the TARDIS and K9, who I'm chosing to ignore as he ruins an otherwise awesome mug!

Yesterday was mostly spent recovering from walking around Brighton all day, seeing the in-laws, and trying to teach small children to play first Munchkin and then Fluxx, neither of which went very well. Which made me very sad. I'm hoping I can teach the boyfriend to play both of them, so I will have more allies next time I try and teach them to play anything!

Which brings us to today, a day where I have again, done very little, except read blogs, finally download Firefox to this computer, and muck about in iTunes. The crowning glory of today however, is that the amazing and super smart Space Squid, who I know from over at the SFX Forum, blogged about an amusing fake certificate I made for him. While following his posts on Twitter, he mentioned that he owned a cravat, which I, with my love for Victorian / Regency dressing thought was awesome. A conversation followed in which I told him he could be Wenched at any time, and he asked if there was a certificate to show such a thing. And me, being me, had to make one. And here it is:

It was the work of about 10 minutes with google, and MS Paint, but I think it's pretty awesome. I make no claims of ownership of any of the images, just the concept. I may even have to work on my own images and then sell them! :p

The point I was making though, is that he blogged about it. And it can be seen here. I also urge you to read his blog. It's awesome. And so clever it sometimes makes my head hurt!

I have some more posts planned here, I think, and I'm also thinking about transferring all the posts from my Craft Blog over to here, but I'm not sure what people would think about seeing my craft stuff alongside my random (and often depressing and sweary) real life blog posts.

Thoughts? Ideas? Comments telling me to stop Wenching and grow up?!


Rocky said...

Both your blogs are made of awesomeness so putting them together will make one big blog of awesomeness!

SpaceSquid said...

Aw. I don't know about super smart, but thank you.

And please, never stop wenching...