Wednesday, 12 May 2010

100 Things About Me

Meridian Ariel posted this on her blog, and I thought it was a cool idea so I'm stealing it! So here we go...100 probably not so interesting things about me:

1. I moved to the other side of the country to live with my boyfriend.
2. I miss my home town of Bristol every day.
3. It took me a year to find a full time, permanent job here.
4. I hate my job
5. But I'm absurdly good at it.
6. I am very bad at doing the laundry.
7. I love to cook.
8. I can't knit with needles.
9. I love to cross stitch
10. But I hate back stitch.
11. Toy Story is my favourite film.
12. I want to have been a teenager in 50's America
13. I love Lord Byron
14. Although I don't think his poetry is all that amazing!
15. My hair is waist length.
16. I consider cutting it off daily.
17. I love heavy metal
18. My favourite band is My Dying Bride
19. I have the ticket stubs from every gig I've ever been to.
20. My first ever gig was to see Nightwish at the Astoria.
21. I love socks.
22. I drink my coffee black
23. Unless I go to Starbucks, then I drink lattes with syrup in!
24. I like my tea white with no sugar.
25. I doubt my ability as a crafter every day.
26. I doubt my ability as a grown up more than that!
27. I have a crush on Charlie Brooker.
28. And a bigger one on David Mitchell!
29. I like men with beards!
30. I have the ideas for 2 novels in my head.
31. I played D&D right up until I left Bristol.
32. I also LARPed.
33. I have a D20 necklace.
34. Scarlett O'Hara is my favourite fictional character.
35. I have read Gone With The Wind 10 times.
36. I used to sing in a band.
37. Now I mostly only sing in the car.
38. I used to go out every friday night.
39. The idea of going out really no longer appeals to me!
40. I dropped out of university.
41. I don't know what to do with my life.
42. I want to backpack across the whole of America.
43. I'd like to have children one day.
44. I have 6 pet mice.
45. I am a gamer girl.
46. I watch too much television.
47. I have watched the entire series of Buffy The Vampire Slayer three times.
48. I've only watched Angel all the way through once.
49. I don't know how to drive.
50. My first attempt at driving ended in me nearly crashing the car.
51. I love Futurama.
52. My favourite car is the Fiat 500.
53. Both the old and new versions!
54. I still have a Warhammer 40k army.
55. I am 5'4.
56. I am a proud redhead.
57. I love my eyes
58. Even though I'm blind without glasses.
59. I cannot put eyeliner on properly!
60. I could eat Sushi forever!
61. I can eat (badly) with chopsticks!
62. I had to think about this all day.
63. I can do some origami.
64. Hedgehogs are my favourite animals
65. I endeavour to be neat but am actually really untidy.
66. I'm a bit of a nerd.
67. I suffer from migraines.
68. I am a closet Elvis fan.
69. I can quote most of the Star Wars original trilogy
70. To the point where no one will watch it with me now!
71. I love corsetry.
72. I own 3 corsets.
73. I want to learn to sew corsets.
74. Gary Oldman is my favourite actor.
75. I love the Winchester boys!
76. And Captain Tightpants!
77. I have two WoW characters.
78. I haven't played WoW in over a year.
79. I have a fairly vast collection of handbags.
80. Teeth freak me out.
81. Horror films set in Asylums freak me out a lot.
82. I never leave the house without a pen and paper.
83. I wish I could have met Peter Cushing.
84. I am generally known as The Wench.
85. I often get told I'm a natural barmaid!
86. I drink proper beer!
87. And occasionally proper west country cider!
88. I currently have a headache.
89. I think Batman is an anti-hero
90. I was vegetarian for 2 years when I was 14.
91. My mum's beef stew turned me back into a meat eater.
92. My favourite perfume is Jean-Paul Gaultier's Pour Femme.
93. I wanted to be an archeologist as a kid.
94. I also wanted to be an astronaut.
95. I like chemistry.
96. I hate maths.
97. And physics.
98. I love liquorice.
99. The name of this blog reflects that!
100. I don't know anyone who will read this all the way through!


Anonymous said...

I read them all! Like a Talia refresher course! I've done mine too - hurrah for lists!

Anonymous said...

(lol, it's Claire by the way!) x

SpaceSquid said...

But... but... you hate maths? :(

Talia said...

Not entirely. But numbers and my brain don't get on. Weirdly, I like algebra.