Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Still No Internet...

So...our phone was turned back on yesterday, but apparently it's going to take another 7-10 days to get our internet back up. I am so not happy. I am seriously an internet addict. I need my internet fix. I think I'm starting to get withdrawl shakes when I look at the computer at home! It looks so sad with no one using it!!

Anyways, the upside of this is that I'm getting a hell of a lot of crafting done. Lots of sock creatures have been made (including one which the boyfriend has decided he loves so much I cannot sell), lots of cross-stitching is being done, and the embroidered pants idea I had is working amazingly. Also, the boyfriend has introduced me to Bones, which is an amazing tv series, which I actually have time to watch, and pay attention to when I'm not online!!

Sadly, because of my lack of internets at home, I have no pictures. My blog is going to look entirely boring if I carry on posting without pictures of things. :(

So, lots to report, but not a lot to show off sadly. Keep turned in though, hopefully I'll have lots of pretties to show off soon.

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x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

looking forward to seeing all your new creatures and cross stitch - i'd be in tears with no internet :0(