Friday, 12 June 2009

Big Catch Up!

I have the internet back at home! Hooray! And that means a big catch up post of everything I've made while the internet has been down!

First up: Cross Stitch.

I made a post a while back about the two big cross stitches I was working on. Without internet to distract me in the evenings, I've got some more of the Looney Tunes one done:

Next up: Embroidery

I had an idea a while ago about embroidering things on the back of underwear. And now I've done some:

I'd like some opinions on these - not so much the designs, as I was just playing around, but ideas, thoughts, constructive criticisms - I'm pondering whether to sell them, but don't know whether they would sell.

And then we have sock creatures:

I made 2 monkeys and a bunny that were sent off around the world this week, which I stupidly forgot to take pictures of first. One was a monkey for my step-sister's birthday, made from socks with pink and sparkly hearts on them, and the other was a monkey made of fluffy socks for my friends in Finland. The bunny went to Finland too - he was made from black socks with purple red polkadots!

I did make another bunny though, which my boyfriend has now claimed as the girlfriend for his other bunny. He has named her Violet, and here he is holding her:

And finally...(getting there, I promise!) Today is my lovely boyfriend 34th birthday. And so we went to Legoland! We both love Lego! Whilst there, we bought:

The Kraken Attackin' Lego Pirates set (put together by me!):

Lego Minifig shaped cookie cutters (for when I make Gingerbread!):

And a really cool Lego bag (I have a major thing for handbags of all shapes and sizes!)

The boyfriend also bought a mini Lego Bulldozer, but I haven't taken a picture of it!

Oh, and before I forget - my monkey swap present arrived too. It's a gorgeous little monkey from Mel over at Felt Me Up. He also came with a really cute banana:

And I'm now taking part in Meri's 50's B Movie swap!

Woooow, that was a long post!


Topsnowqueen said...

Wow! you have been busy. I like the idea of the embroidery on the underwear, I think it will be popular in kids stuff.
Lego land is great, I went years ago though, I mean about 15+ years!
Your mokey swap prez is so adorable, lucky you!

x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

yeah glad you back online!
awww your little monkey from the swap is so cute!
i love Violet{of course!}

i've never been to LegoLand but i have a Lego crazy son so imagine it will happen one day soon!

Apryl said...

glad you are back on the interwbs.. love the lego cookie cutters! we haven't been to legoland but its on the cards for a future visit sometime.. the monkey swap is adorable and your embroidery is very neat.. much neater than mine!