Thursday, 21 May 2009

Things I Covet...

As I am seriously lacking anything of my own to put here right now (working stupid hours is seriously cutting down my crafting time - I don't like crafting in the morning!!), I thought I'd make a post of pretty things from Etsy that I covet!

Anyone who really knows me knows that there are three things I love above most others - Wenches (and wenching!), Pirates, and Corsets! So guess what...that's what this post is going to contain!

First up is this amazingly pretty lunch bag from Proletariat Bags

As someone who takes lunch to work every day, in a very boring lunchbox, this would seriously make my lunch much more fun!

Next up, we have these really cute cards by RatherCrafty

I write a lot, to my dad and my best friend, and pretty stationery, with a pirate twist would probably make them smile just as much as me!

I just realised I lied...or rather omitted. There's something else I love more than lots of other things. Or someone...Lord Byron! Yes, it's cliched for a goth girl to love the Mad, Bad Lord, but I do, so ner!

And so, I want this:

It's a Byron necklace by FunckLoveDesigns blog post will be something I've made...promise!

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