Monday, 2 March 2009

Works In Progress (Cross Stitch)

I am a big fan of cross stitch. I've been doing it since I was about 8, so about 13 years now. However, I get bored very quickly (I have a very short attention span) so I want to do different designs all the time! So, it ends up that I have two on the go at the moment - neither of which is anywhere near done!

I have a Mickey Mouse Sampler:


Which has now been the drawer so long it's incredibly crumpled and will need to be ironed (yawn!), although getting it out now to look at it has inspired me to do some more on it.

And then I have a Looney Tunes panel one:


This is the most recent one I've been working on. But the massive blocks of the same colour started to really irritate me!

I honestly don't know if either of them will ever get finished! I'd like to think they would though. Although not finishing things for years seems to run in my family - it took my grandmother nearly 30 years to finish a tapestry!

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