Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Folded Frippery

A few posts ago I posted about making Origami from fabric. Since then I've been working really hard on the idea, and today, I've opened a shop to sell all of my new items!

Folded Frippery is now Open For Business!

Please, take a look around, and tell me what you think - I'd love to hear your feedback. There's only 3 products listed so far, but more will be listed as soon I get home from work today, and with the first item I sell I'll be giving away a free gift!

Along with the item my first customer buys I'll be sending them this:

A Fish Brooch made from some really cute heart printed fabric!

So spread the word, and please keep checking the shop, and the blog here, as many more products and updates will be appearing soon!

Oh, and one final thing - this is my 99th post! For post number 100 I think I'll be doing a keep yout eyes peeled!


grizzly1uk said...

What a great idea, love the name :) I will be keeping an eye out for new products, godamn girl your talented :)

Matt said...

That's a cute little fish :D