Sunday, 22 November 2009


Over at the Craftzine blog, there's a Loom Along happening! As one of the few people I know whoknits with a loom, rather than needles, I was pretty excited.

Sadly, it's based on the armwarmers a character in Twilight / New Moon wears. And I'm pretty sure everyone who knows me knows that I hate Twilight with a passion. As soon as anyone mentions it I all but foam at the mouth!

Still, a Loom Along is a Loom Along, and I've wanted to make Armwarmers for ages, and hadn't had much luck with finding a pattern. And I wasn't the only one with the same opinion. Over at the Flickr Group that relates to the Loom Along, a lot of people said much the same thing!

Anyways...without further are said armwarmers:


And here's one on my wrist:


I am totally on a stripes kick right now, and these remind me of being a kid, and reading the Beano. They are totally the same shade as everything Dennis The Menace and Minnie The Minx wear. They are officially known as my Minnie The Minx armwarmers! I can see myself making a lot more of these, and if there's any interest, I might make some for sale!

I've now moved onto knitting a shrug type thing, which if it works, will be an xmas present for my Auntie. It's an experiment really, as this is the first time I'm making something from a pattern that exists solely in my head. It'll be good if it works though!

And finally (this has been going on for a while it seems...), The Sock Swap, has been postposted. I only had two people email me about it, so I'll try again in the new year, when people are likely to have more time and aren't worrying about making things for xmas!

Phew...I'm going to shut up now!


x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

ooh i love them Dria - i really really do!

and i really really REALLY love everything Twilight . . . . runs away giggling!

even the sparkling! ha ha ha!

TCN said...

I like them but because I'm a fanatic stripes fan too =D My best friend calls me a happy emo because of my mlive of stripes, especially black ones teamed with anything else, haha! I prefer "Emo sans suicidal tendencies" hahaha - but all that aside - I LOVE THEM! They look so warm and comfy cos of the chunky yarn too, mmmmm.

Emma-Jayne Saanen said...

Those are groovy. I love stripes, and these look so cosy.